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At the moment there are no open castings


Please  read carefully

Every model has to fill a model release and must be accompanied by a witness. If the model is younger than 18 years old a parent or an adult responsable must be present and fill the release. No waste of time, thanks.

REFERENCES                                                                                                                                                                                               "Please use the contact form in the contact details section to leave your feedback , it will be published"

Stefano is a starting photographer with a lot of enthusiasm and vision for his photo career. He's a nice guy and definetely safe to be around.

Nadia Dubiel - model    (Purpleport)

Stef is so nice and genuine! As a photographer he is a true professional who makes you feel really comfortable in front of his camera; as a person he is a real sweetheart, makes sure you are not going hungry or cold. I believe we have created some interesting images together and I look forward to working with him again soon!           

  Liliana Krupa - model (Purpleport)

Wonderful shoot with Stef, so polite and amazing to work with. The shoot was so smooth and it was good fun! Thanks again Stef, can't wait to shoot again.

Leaf Faerynthorn  -   model     (Purpleport)

Accredited photographer at Brighton Pride Festival 2017 - Mr Chris Jepson 

( Communication and Media Liaison -

Accredited photographer at 51st State Festival 2017 - Mrs Katie O'Leary




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